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A story that put a face to it all…

Yesterday we had the privilege of joining the national director Terry Snow on a trip to Gonaives, a city two hours north of St. Marc. We were here to scout out land and look for the possibilities of setting up communities here for the refugees. On the bumpy, crazy ride up (Terry being a crazier driver than all the Haitians in my opinion.. After all, he is from Texas…) I hear that we are also going up there to meet the YWAM staff who lost his wife in the earth quake and survived with his little four year-old girl. We got to sit down with him and he started to tell us the story of how he lost his wife and him and his daughter’s miraculous escape from the rubbles…

Illioney was upstairs on the second floor of their house in Port Au Prince one seemingly normal afternoon together with his daughter, Abigail. They were praising God, singing the song ” I’m here to meet with you, come and meet with me” in their home office as his daughter wanted to go to the living room and watch TV with her daddy. His wife was downstairs doing laundry and some other daily chores. Illioney did not want to watch TV with his daughter, but after her pleading him to spend time with her, he sat down to watch TV. After only a few minutes, they realized something was happening as everything around started shaking. Illioney realized very quickly that it was an earth- quake. He acted quickly, picked up his little daughter and that is all he had time for as the walls started caving in just a couple of seconds later. One small pole kept the rubbles from falling on them and with a cut in his head and bug wounds on his feet, he managed to climb out as he realized that his wife was on the first floor. He started shouting for her, getting no answer and no one wanted to help him dig because of the shock and being too scared for aftershocks… Three days later he found his wife dead underneath the rubbles. He managed to buy something looking like a chest and buried her close to their devastated home. Their building is believed to have had nine people in it, Illioney and his daughter being the only survivors…

Abigail kept asking for weeks when her mom would come back and as Illioney would tell his daughter that her mommy is with Jesus, she would say that she also wanted to die so that she could be with her mom and with Jesus…

As I look at and listen to this grieving man, I realize I am unable to comprehend and fathom what he is going through, but that I am able to put a face to what has happened to this nation… Seeing the rubbles is one thing but to hear from one of our own people, as YWAMers does something to you.

Little Abigail is now suffering from pneumonia and in order for Ellioney to get her medical care, he had to sell his car. They are currently living with family up in Gonaives. Please keep them in your prayers and in your hearts!

From Haiti with Hope, Ruthie

(Illioney with his wife and daughter a few years ago)


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Desperate need: Baby- Formula!

After the earth- quake a lot of moms  stopped producing milk for their babies, and we have had a lot of them coming to our clinic desperate for baby formula. We are now almost completely out of our formula and hope you can help us! We also need baby bottles (the re-usable ones!) for them to feed their babies. Please spread the word and send us an e-mail at relief@ywamhaiti.org if you can help!

Thank you for your help and prayers!

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Paint, trash and raindrops falling on my head…

Tonight, as the rain surprisingly started pouring down, I can’t help but thinking about a vision my friend got concerning the people of Haiti. As she was looking around at the dry, parched land, God was saying that although the land is dry, people’s hearts are ready for  God to pour down His love and grace on them. We also know that rain/ water is vital in any growth process so this truly is the time for Haiti and its people to grow into what God has for them… A verse that has been highlighted here in YWAM Haiti since the start in 1986 is Zecharaiah 8:13 which says; “And as you have been a byword of cursing among the nations,( O house of Judah and house of Israel), so I will save you, and you shall be a blessing. Fear not, but let your hands be strong.” God’s blessing is coming to this nation as they are turning to God! And it is pouring down two months before the official rainy- season…

Yesterday I had quite the work- day. After assigning people their tasks and ministry opportunities for the day, we went down to the medical clinic to paint. As I started to paint, two Haitian girls that were patients, whom had lost everything and now lived in this hospital came up to me smiling and giggling, wanting to help me paint. I was trying to explain to  them, with my very limited French, that it is oil- based paint and it will not come off easily if it gets on their clothes or skin and said that they did not have to help. They did not want to listen as they practically forced the paint-bucket out of my hands ,found a brush and started to paint. We had  a lot of fun painting together as they were laughing at my broken French and we were trying to get paint off each other’s faces… We were working alongside each other with purpose and lots of joy. It was truly good to see that these people desire to do something, they want to help re-build their nation. They just need biblical discipleship in all areas of their lives, a Godly holistic transformation…

The day went on and we were driving to an elementary school  hosting refugees in the most impoverished conditions. The facilitators had asked us to come down and clean up the trash so we loaded up a truck with shovels, rakes, gloves and man-power to clean up… We started the process, it seeming tedious and slow as the sun was burning our necks. The extra pairs of gloves were accidentally left back home and as people’s gloves were breaking left and right, we figured we were just going to go for it, get “down and dirty”… The people at this place were shy, so most of them looked at us from a distance, curious about these white (“blanc”) people. Then two 10 year old boys came up to me, pointing at my gloves, asking if they could have some too… I took off my left glove and gave it to one of the boys and the other one found a glove on the ground. They started picking up every little and big thing they could find and together we sweated and worked hard for the rest of the time. These boys truly were hard workers just wanting some purpose and encouragement…

We are noticing that the people of Haiti really do want their country transformed and we know that transformation starts on the inside… From the inside out. Haitians need discipleship, they need encouragement and they need to learn that God’s word applies to all areas of life. Please pray for this as you are thinking about and praying for Haiti…

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News on the BBC

Tonight I was looking on the BBC news site and saw this incredible story on Haiti. It is called Voices of Haiti and tells 6 peoples stories of the quake and of the country moving on. You can go and check it out by clicking on the below picture.

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Welcome to the YWAM Haiti Mission Adventures outreach site. Initially we created this site to bring awareness and provide ways to be involved with the work in Haiti. It has been over a month since the earth quake and there is still such desperate need there. We have adjusted this site from being one of immediate relief efforts to a blog that focuses on making it easy for you to register your team to go to Haiti to serve Jesus and His people there.

Within this site you will find stories of past teams and individuals who have served in Haiti since the quake. You will also find links to blogs where you will read inspiring and sad stories of what is going on and what God has done and is still doing over there. We also have all the registration info, dates, costs and other pertinent information regarding registering your team for your Mission Adventures outreach to Haiti.

Thank you for your interest with wanting to serve and partner what God is doing in Haiti. Please help us continue to spread the word and importance about what is going on in Haiti and the urgency there is to see people and teams coming from all over over the world to taking a part in rebuilding a nation.

Thanks and we look forward to serving with you.

Mission Adventures International.

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Miracles in Haiti

What an amazing privilege it is to be serving in the nation of Haiti
right now… These are truly days of transformation for this land!

Yesterday YWAM Haiti received a lovely new ambulance, given to this country through YWAM Mercy Trucks, out of the UK. It’s one of the nicest and most equipped ambulance Haiti has ever seen, and therefore brings with it an incredible witness of the love of Christ! There was singing and
dancing as we anointed it and prayed over it last night, for the building of
God’s kingdom here.

Today was the first of three days of prayer and fasting for the
nation. The government called for these days to replace the first three
days of the annual mardi-gras. This is a huge landmark in Haiti’s history! I and my team-mate went down to the town square this afternoon, and from a distance heard voices cheering like at a football match. When we got to the scene, we were amazed to see the square packed full of people. The entire crowd was singing and dancing, worshipping Jesus with hands lifted high, as the church is using this time to repent before God for their nation’s sins. This is indeed the beginning of the transformation of this land!!

We have a clinic here in St Marc that takes care of earth-quake-victims. Two days ago, one of the women who is a patient there had a dream that she was being prayed for by three foreign kids with a white cloth. She told the hospital administrator her dream and told her what the kids looked like in the dream, who then called for the three kids to come down. They pulled out the cloth, laid it on the lady’s injuries, and after asking God how to pray, they prayed the Lord’s Prayer over her. They pulled her to her feet, and slowly at first, she began to walk. As she realised there was no pain, she literally began walking, leaping and praising God – hugging everyone along the way!

Please keep Haiti in your prayers over the remainder of this weekend.
If this country truly humbles itself and repents, there is no limit to
what the Lord will do!

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From Ingvar

So many feelings are going through me after seeing the devastations, hearing the stories and witness the life of people without homes and fear of another quake. It is overwhelming to think of the practical clean up and build up of a city, and way worse is the tragedies of lost family members and friends. Yet I see a hope. God has opened up people´s hearts to him like no other time, and the time for the Him to transform this nation is now.

The stories are many of tragedy, but also miraculous of angels tending to people stuck, God saving and giving people second chances. A girl I talked to knew that God saved her in the earthquake, and gave her life to Jesus with several others a night they attended church.

Would I encourage you to send MA teams here Absolutely. Would it be nice and organized? I doubt it. But I think we could do something together, where we who are advertising this outreach could send down one staff in advance and take on the whole thing so we don´t load down the full time staff here.

I believe that the time for Haiti is now, and the favor of God seem to be on it. As YWAM´ers we are always praying into seeing a wave of young people crashing onto the shores – and it seems like the wave is building for Haiti. I want to be a part of seeing this nation transformed!

Well, enough about that. I will leave details for someone that is administrative…. ha, ha.

It sure has been fun, though a lot of brain work for me. I was not thinking that I would be places in an administrative role at all. But I have learned to serve wherever I am put. Was I disappointed to be in an office and not on the streets? Yes, but looking back at it, I believe that was where I was to serve.

I remember back on days where my brain were hot, and I crying out to God telling him he was blind, cause we were clearly sinking in this ship. What I did not see till some tears and frustrations later was that he was totally relaxed and sleeping in the boat… This did not rock Him at all. I just needed to see that He was in control and that He would take care of it. Not in my strength and works.

What a lesson to learn. I love having those moments and then see that God works wonders throughout the day. I have heard that storm story many times, but this time it became reality.

Not sure what you are going through personally or with the MA ministry, but be encouraged. Nothing rattles God.
He is fine with us being angry, upset, frustrated and mad. And then let us take time to let Him give us his view.

Sure love you guys!
Blessings from Haiti

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Supplies List Updated!

Our supplies-list is now up to date, and we need everything from aprons to large canvas tents for our tent-cities. Please take a look at our donations and supplies-page, then bring your friends, YWAM- base, church and family together,find out what you can get and send us an e-mail.

Thank you for your help and prayers!

P.S. A new update is on its way and will be posted very soon, so stay tuned!

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We have not had updates for a few day’s, but stay tuned as we will be updating this site with registration info for Mission Adventures teams. We will be registering Mission Adventures teams for this coming spring and summer.

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This could be you part I- the traveling tent village

It all started when Terry Snow ate a sandwich in front of thousands of people via GENESIS video communication. There we were sitting in our offices getting an update about the earthquake in Haiti and what YWAM was doing there and we felt the call to go help. Besides that, Terry’s sandwich just looked dang good. It’s not like weren’t already aching to be there; working in a mission that has a major focus in mercy ministries we couldn’t not help. It’s just in our blood. So there we were, seven of us, headed to Haiti, four days later.

We flew on a few separate flights and met up in Santo Domingo, at the airport. One super rad thing that had happened is we had received a lot of donations.Trader Joe’s gave us a bunch of food to take, Starbucks’ employees had donated their personal weekly pound of coffee and U.S. Airways allowed each of us to take three bags, one hundred pounds each, for free.

We all met up at the Santo Domingo airport and got ready to head to the D.R. YWAM base, and from there, head through the border to Haiti. Immediate problem: It wasn’t just us climbing into the fifteen passenger van that would take us to the YWAM base. It was us seven, plus two other YWAMers, plus one stray, plus one taxi driver, and approximately twenty-one bags, not to mention carry-ons, squishing into this taxi.

One of our team members, Matt, spent the entire one hour trip leaning forward as his guitar was taking up his entire head space. We spent a few hours at the YWAM base in Santo Domingo checking emails, taking showers and eating their white-bread, one piece of bologna, one piece of cheese– sandwiches. We ground up a bit of the donated Starbucks coffee and added it to their percolator. We couldn’t find a kettle to heat up water so we just used their old, stale coffee to create our new fresh insta-energy.

At four AM, Santo Domingo time, we loaded into another taxi. This was fabulous. We officially had exactly enough seats once all of the bags were in, and there were no guitars taking up head space. Unfortunately, the taxi-van was a manual and the stick seriously cramped the person sitting in the middle seat. Even more unfortunate, was that this seat was reserved for the two shortest people, Phil and myself. We spent the four and a half hour drive trading seats and ended up with sore backs, numb bums and cramped legs. When we reached the border. We waited for the van from Haiti to arrive to take us to the YWAM base there in St. Marc. While we were waiting we walked around, dosed off and tried to talk to the Haitian kids outside the van.

After around forty minutes, a YWAMer from Haiti showed up and told us he had been waiting for us with the team going back to Santo Domingo just a hundred meters away. What was funny, was that their team had five more people in it than we did. And we were switching vans. An air conditioned, roomy, four hour bus ride later, we were at the base. We were orientated showed to where we would be sleeping and got ready to plug into work. We found out in the process that they were expecting several more teams in the next few days and had no idea where they would put them. It was a good thing we brought tents. We set up our own little tent village that we would call home for the next few weeks. We had been wanting to go camping anyway. Stoked we got the opportunity to do that in Haiti.

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