YWAM Haiti Outreach

Enabling the world to come to Haiti

YWAM St. Marc, Haiti

Inside the YWAM base in St. Marc, Haiti, it feels like any normal YWAM base. The staff are friendly and you can only just see the shadow of lack of sleep and being overworked, on their faces. Although being incredibly understaffed for the job at hand, they are excited about what God is saying and doing in Haiti. They are all running around with fifty different things to do, but with evident peace and joy in their hearts that can only come from the grace of God.

If you walk outside of the office, dorm and cafeteria area to the gymnasium, you find people standing and sitting everywhere in the shade. There is a long set of tables with around ten YWAM workers sitting on one side, and others filtering in people from the streets. This is where a registration process is taking place. YWAM St. Marc may be the only organization registering the victims of the earthquake. This is a huge job but incredibly important as many organizations and people are trying to get the victims aid. The people go through this process of getting registered, and then, as supplies arrive they get called via radio, to come pick up the supplies.

As you walk past the registration tables, you enter the larger part of the gymnasium which is curtained off. This is where many victims from the overflow from the hospitals are recovering from the earthquake. There is a second kitchen close by to feed the recovering victims from Port Au Prince and medical people walking around re bandaging and cleaning wounds, listening to heart beats and offering all sorts of medical care. The people recovering here are laying all around the gymnasium on straw mats and blankets.

Although there is a huge amount of things going on all over the base, it still does not feel as chaotic as it really should. If you step outside the gate, however you are bombarded with the hundreds of people lined up to enter the registration process. It is hot with a limited amount of shade. They will be lined up from six in the morning and wait for their turn. It is no wonder that fights and arguments are breaking out as people stand waiting in the hot sun for a hope of food and shelter for their families.


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  1. I like to thank you for all the help that you have been given to my people.I like to say a special thanks to Mr TERRY SNOW for all the changes that has been brought tomy city (ST-MARC)it is a hard work but with the God’s help everything is possible,I was there last january after the heathquake with the Gulf Stream Baptist at the hospital and at 5em section,it will be an honor to meet you guys next time i come to Haiti that will be soon hopefully.thanks
    my # 617-593-5303 (FRANTZ DORMEUS) 700 HYDE PARK AVE ROSLINDALE MASS 02131

    Comment by FRANTZ DORMEUS | October 26, 2010 | Reply

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